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The master community of Seabridge was built between 2006 and 2009, and is well-appointed with a resort-like feel, offering manicured grounds, 24-hour security complete with patrol, cameras, and gated homes. Seabridge offers excellent access to shopping, dining, recreation, fitness paths, and more. Seabridge is comprised of two islands that feature single-family homes, four phases of single-level condos known as Port Marluna and The Enclave, and two townhome complexes. Seabridge homeowners can enjoy a luxurious clubhouse with banquet facilities, a library reading room, indoor and outdoor fireplaces, an outdoor BBQ area, fitness center, and access to a pool and spa that are heated year-round. The clubhouse can be rented for special occasions. There are 87 boat-dock homes and 162 homes that are not immediately located on the water. There are miles of walking paths that you can use for your daily exercise or stroll to nearby restaurants and shops. The Steve & Shauna Team are the original selling agents for DR Horton in Seabridge, so if you have any questions related to Seabridge, please do not hesitate to call!

Seabridge Starting Price Beds/Baths Sq. Ft. Year Built Mello Roos/yr HOA/Dock Fees
Port Haviland $1,300,000 3 to 4/ 3.5 to 4.5 3,129-3,748 2006 – Present $7,000-8,500 $187/$169
Port Province $1,100,000 3 to 4 /3 3,063 – 3,495 2006 – Present $6,400-6,800 $187/$131
Port Meridian $700,000 3 to 6 / 2.5 to 3 2,653 – 2,868 2006 – Present $5,000 – 5,500 $187/$112
Port Marlunas $550,000 2 to 3 / 2 1,700 – 2,013 2006 – Present $3,100 – 4,100 $660 – $675 / NA
Enclave $700,000 2 to 3 / 2 1,700 – 2,013 2017 $3,100 – 4,100 $660 – $675 / NA

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Westport features a number of different properties that were built between 2004 and 2006. You can find single-family homes, (82 with docks and 13 not on water) townhomes, single-level condos, and duplexes. There is a wonderful gated community consisting of attached townhomes with views of the harbor or the strawberry fields. These homes come in a variety of sizes and have attached two-car garages with a pool and a spa. The Villas are duplexes that range in size with attached two-car garages as well. Whitesails feature single-level condos that enjoy views of the harbor or the strawberry fields. Sea Cove homes have three different floor plans and vary in size from 2,750 sq. ft to 3,100 sq. ft. The Seaside waterfront homes have three different floor plans as well, and tend to be larger in size, ranging from 3,300 sq. ft to 3,700 sq. ft. They include a large boat slip right behind each home, which affords more privacy. Westport at Mandalay Bay is a quiet area and a lovely place to live. Call us today if you would like more information regarding the homes in Westport.

WESTPORT Starting Price Beds/Baths Sq. Ft. Year Built Mello Roos/yr HOA Dock Fees
Boat Dock Homes $1,200,000 3 to 5 / 2.5 to 4 2,732 – 3,677 2004 – 2005 $5,500 – $7,500 $30 / 175
Homes Off Water $800,000 3 to 4 / 2.5 to 4 3,337 – 3,735 2004 – 2005 $5,500 – $7,500 $30 / NA
Gated Bayside Condos $550,000 3 to 4 / 2.5 to 4 2,704 – 3,166 2004 – 2005 $2,500 $336 /  NA
Whitesails $430,000 2 to 3 / 2 to 3 1,442 – 1,668 2004 – 2005 $2,400 $525 / NA
Villas $600,000 3 to 4 / 2.5 to 4 2,428 – 2,656 2004 – 2005 $3,500 $150 / NA

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In the Channel Islands Harbor you will find stunning boat-dock homes in Mandalay Bay. This community was primarily developed in the 1970s and is comprised of 744 private, boat-dock homes. There are 326 single-family homes and 418 attached townhomes. The development is arranged in six tracts of single-family homes and townhomes, which stand on reinforced concrete bulkheads along a series of short, navigable canal-like waterways. There are still a few lots left and most of the homes have been upgraded throughout the years. The Channel Islands Harbor is located between Santa Monica and Santa Barbara in Ventura County, and it is the most affordable harbor and beach living on the Gold Coast. In fact, Mandalay Bay is the fifth-largest harbor for small-craft recreation in the state of California, and is considered a waterfront resort with recreational activities and a wonderful marketplace. Recreational activities include diving, boat charters, harbor and sea kayaking, electric boats, whale watching, annual fireworks, and the parade of lights at Christmas. The horseshoe-shaped harbor was made to be a circulating harbor, which helps to keep the water from becoming stagnant. Unlike Seabridge and Westport, Mandalay Bay has no Mello Roos. You can enjoy a low annual HOA fee of $50 along with a small, yearly waterway assessment ranging between $500 to $1,500. The main channel goes out to the ocean where you can boat to the Channel Islands. Electric boats, sail boats, power boats, and yachts all make Mandalay Bay their home. If you would like more information or would like to set up a showing at the homes of your choosing, then please contact The Steve & Shauna Team, your boat dock home experts!

MANDALAY BAY Starting Price Beds/Baths Sq. Ft. Year Built Mello Roos/yr HOA/Dock Fees
326 Single Family Homes $1,000,000 Various / Various 2,100 – 4,100 1971 – Present $550/yr Water Way Assessment $50 / year voluntary
418 Townhomes $850,000 2 to 4 / 2 to 3.5 1,216 – 2,237 1971 – 1973 $450/yr Water Way Assessment $50 / year voluntary

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Harbour Island

Harbour Island is a gated community, which was built in the 1970s and consists of 129 single-level condominiums ranging in size from approximately 1,900 square feet to approximately 4,000 square feet. Some of the condos have private elevators from the garage that open right into the foyer. There are no mello roos fees, and the HOA fees vary depending on the floor level. All of the condos in Harbour Island have excellent water views and most are of the main channel. There is a spa and pool with a restroom and lounging area. Make sure not to miss this amazing main-channel community behind the gates in the Channel Islands Harbor.

Harbour Island Starting Price Beds/Baths Sq. Ft. Year Built Mello Roos/yr HOA/Dock Fees
129 Condos on main channel $775,000 2 to 3 / 2 to 3.5 1937 – 4018 1990 $375/yr Water Way Assessment $517 – 957 / NA
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Oxnard/Mandalay Shores

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Silverstrand Beach

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The Colony

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Hollywood Beach

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