Bob Smith

In addition to Steve and Shauna I discussed the listing of my house with other agents and decided on Steve as the listing agent. I did the right thing. This was in early November 2015 and I advised Steve that my idea was to list the house after the holidays or maybe even wait for the spring. Steve suggested that I give him a 60-day listing for November and December because I would have the only listing in Seabridge (Oxnard). That was a good idea. Steve and Shauna had open houses every week-end and there were more than one interested buyer. The house closed escrow just before Christmas 2015. Oxnard was a second home for my wife and me and our permanent residence is 50 miles from Oxnard. Steve made the drive to my residence several times bringing with him offers and counter offers. I suggested that we meet halfway but he insisted on making the drive. Steve is highly competent and knowledgeable and made the transaction an enjoyable experience. My wife and I both now regard Steve and Shauna as friends.