I Was In Good Hands

Full disclosure: Steve and Shauna are my parents. So it was a given that i’d use them when it came to buying my first home. For years i’d heard dozens of their clients say how great they were to work with. So my expectations were high and I had complete trust that I was in good hands from the start.

My parents love what they do, so the looking process was fun, and they were excited to see property with me. It turned out that I found something both my wife and I liked a lot (new construction) so we went for it.

Steve, my dad, was all over it like a mountain lion attacking its prey. No messing around here. After finally getting a hold of the illusive selling agent we worked out a deal and things went smooth.

Where things got a little difficult towards closing (ok, all out hell broke loose) every thing that could have gone wrong went wrong. By the way none of this was their fault, but was due to the previous financing team that was working on my deal. Steve remained calm as could be and stayed focused and made things happen. After going through several mortgage companies that caused major problems, Steve fought for us continuously, and we finally closed and now are living in our new dream starter home, and are happy as can be. I whole hardily endorse and recommend working with Steve and Shauna for any and all real estate transactions!

Condo Owner in Thousand Oaks, CA